NYC neighborhoods are divided by baseball allegiances

And in terms of neighborhoods and ticket sales, NYC leans Mets
May 28, 2016 11:00AM

Mets and Yankees fans have a lot to disagree about, including neighborhoods. Fans of NYC’s two Major League teams live in very different places, according to an analysis of tickets sold to New Yorkers in each zip code between 2013 and 2015 via the online resale marketplace Vivid Seats.

A large part of the division is obvious: Queens residents tend to support their home team, while residents of the Bronx go Yankees.

But New Yorkers who call Brooklyn and Staten Island home are more likely to buy Mets tickets, according to the analysis cited by DNAinfo. However, there were two exceptions: Flatbush residents and Staten Islanders living on the island’s East Side bought a lot of Yankees tickets.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, ticket buyers were almost evenly split. The northern half of the island tends to fill Yankees Stadium – minus an isolated bastion of Mets fans in Central Harlem. Midtown and Downtown residents were largely Mets fans, although Battery Park City and the Financial District skewed Yankees. [DNAinfo] Christopher Cameron