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New Jersey’s timeshare industry looks to expand north

Vacation culture's future depends on a key state referendum
By George Leposky | June 17, 2016 07:30AM


Atlantic City, with its popular beach boardwalk and casinos, has traditionally been a big draw for timeshare owners. But industry experts say the future might be closer to New York City. Inset: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

From the New Jersey Market report: When New Jersey voters go to the polls on Nov. 3, they will be asked — among other things — to approve the licensing of two new casinos in northern New Jersey. The outlook of the state’s timeshare industry may also hinge on the outcome.

If the voters approve, an area of the state previously untouched by timeshare development will become ripe for it. The Meadowlands and Jersey City have been mentioned as possible locations. Adding to their appeal, timeshare resorts near those casinos would offer owners and guests easy access to New York City. [more]