“Prince of Montauk” fired from Nest Seekers job prior to arrest

Real estate investor and local celebrity was busted for DUI
June 23, 2016 09:00AM

From left: Dylan Eckardt and Eddie Shapiro

From left: Dylan Eckardt and Eddie Shapiro

Self-proclaimed “Prince of Montauk” Dylan Eckardt was fired from his job as a Nest Seekers broker prior to his DUI arrest last week.

The firm’s founder Eddie Shapiro declined to say why Eckardt lost his job, but told the New York Post that the surfer-turned-broker “is working out his demons.”

“He is not a bad guy. He just has a loud mouth,” Shapiro reportedly said.

In June, Vanity Fair published a lengthy profile on the local celebrity, who told the publication he is currently buying up cottages in Montauk with the help of a developer in a bid to keep the town “authentic.”

In the Vanity Fair profile, Shapiro Eckardt’s approach would appeal more to the younger, tech-centric buyers in Montauk.

“The new multi-millionaire and even billionaire in that market has a McLaren in the garage, but they wear baseball hats, flip-flops, And Drive pickup trucks. A lot of these guys can relate to him,” Shapiro said. “They feel it’s more authentic, as opposed to someone who’s wearing the Hamptons’ Ralph Lauren outfit with the perfect hair who makes you feel like you’re being buttered up from the start.”

On Monday, cops arrested Eckardt for alleged stoned driving. “I take Xanax and Lithium every day,” he told the cops, according to the Post. “This is one time I’m not really f—d up and driving around and you harass me.” [NYP] – Konrad Putzier