Classic amenities disappearing from NYC apartments

Say goodbye to laundry rooms and microwaves
June 26, 2016 11:14AM

A NYC laundry room

A NYC laundry room

Amenities both old school and new are being phased out of new New York apartment buildings in favor of conveniences more in line with the times.

Take the laundry room. A classic and often coveted NYC amenity has all but disappeared from newly constructed apartment buildings in favor of individual washers and dyers, according to the New York Times. Heck, at 70 Vestry in TriBeCa, each apartment will have two washers and dryers.

Other amenities that are vanishing from urban life are staples like cold rooms for food storage and microwaves, which are being replaced by “the speed oven.” The “oven” will apparently crisp your fries as it microwaves them. It’s a brave new world indeed.

What else? According to the Times, conference rooms are becoming lounges, movie rooms are also becoming multipurpose lounges and wine rooms are still used for wine. [NYT] Christopher Cameron