DOB to roll out electronic filing

New computer system costs $30M
June 30, 2016 03:37PM

DOB Commissioner Rick Chandler

DOB Commissioner Rick Chandler

The New York City Department of Buildings will roll out a $29.7 million computer system at the end of the month to ultimately replace paper-based filing.

Under the current system, the department largely processes job filings, building inspections and complaints through paper forms and often in person. The new system would digitize the entire process in an effort to make it easier to handle and more transparent. Developers would also be able to book meetings and chat with examiners online, Crain’s reported.

DOB Commissioner Rick Chandler told the publication that the new system will save time and polish the department’s image.

“This will address the ever-present myth that anything having to go through a regulatory process will be a nightmare,” he said.

The system, dubbed DOB Now, will launch on July 25 as an option for filings related to plumbing and water work. Developers will still be able to use the old system, but the department hopes to switch all building filings to DOB Now by 2018. [Crain’s]Konrad Putzier