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Commercial market report: Let the hunt begin!

FIRE beats TAMI in the pursuit of new office space
By Adam Pincus | July 06, 2016 05:00PM

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From the July issue: Even as the tech sector continues to blaze a trail through Manhattan, it’s the financial services, insurance and real estate (FIRE) industries that are set to lease the most space in Manhattan in the coming years.

Tenants in the FIRE sector are in the market for at least 8.7 million square feet, according to an analysis of industry data by The Real Deal. Five of the ten companies on the hunt for the largest amounts of office space are in those fields, including HSBC, which is seeking at least 700,000 square feet, AllianceBernstein, which is looking for at least 600,000 square feet, and BlackRock, which is seeking at least 500,000 square feet, according to  industry data. [more]