The Real Deal New York

These are Manhattan’s top resi agents

Manhattan residential broker ranking finds fresh faces and shifting strategies as slowdown sets in
By Kathryn Brenzel and E.B. Solomont | July 26, 2016 07:30AM

From the July issue: Manhattan’s elite residential brokers aren’t just going after the most expensive listings to stay on top. They’re also recalibrating their business models to include a wider range of clients in a rapidly changing market.

In some cases, agents have also jumped to new firms to stay ahead of the much-discussed softening in the luxury sector.

Overall, The Real Deal’s annual ranking of Manhattan’s residential agents found that the Top 75 brokers held a combined $12.5 billion in listings this year, compared to $12.2 billion last year. But that dollar volume represents a bigger jump than it seems at first blush because this year TRD excluded in-contract properties. Whether the higher dollar volume tally means more deals — or more languishing listings — varies depending on who you talk to. [more]