Trump vs. Kushner? Jon Kushner may also run for NYC mayor

Donald Trump Jr. expressed interest in the position last week

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Aug.August 05, 2016 04:53 PM

Just a week after Donald Trump Jr. expressed interest in running for mayor of New York City, it appears that Jared Kushner’s cousin, Jonathan Kushner, may also be considering the job, sources told Gawker.

Kushner, head of the New Jersey-based development firm Kushner Real Estate Group, reportedly told friends that he wants to be mayor but is concerned that he’s too young. (He’s 38.)

Kushner’s interest comes as a member of his extended family also considers running in next year’s election.

Donald Trump’s son and Jared Kushner’s brother-in-law, Donald Trump Jr., told CNN last month that he was keeping his options open, but that he’d “love” to be mayor.

This could make things a tad awkward for the Kushners, who already have a relatively icy relationship due to a family rift that goes back a generation. The less famous Kushner would likely run as an independent, since he is “liberal on a lot of issues,” a source told Gawker. The source also said that the cousins are currently on “good terms” and that Jonathan Kushner “not the kind of guy who would ever say anything negative about his uncle or Jared.”

On Thursday, Cushman & Wakefield executive Paul Massey formally announced plans to run for mayor.

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