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Kate Spade’s funky, UES apartment looks exactly the way you hope it does: VIDEO

By Isabel schwab | September 15, 2016 04:42PM

In a new video from “People” magazine, Kate Valentine (formerly Kate Spade — the person, not the label) shows off her funky, quirky and fabulous Upper East Side apartment that she shares with her husband of 22 years, Andy Spade.

Starting in the foyer, Valentine, explains her art collection that’s a nice mix of “high- low”; pictures of David Hockney and Jackie Kennedy are sprinkled in with pictures done by her 11-year-old daughter. “It’s very much like our design, it’s very much like how I dress,” Valentine says.

She then heads into the living room, where she shows off her African art, her table filled with photos of her family and her huge collection of cigarette boxes. “We don’t use them,” she says, “I just think they look pretty.”

Valentine founded Kate Spade and parted from the brand in 2007. Earlier this year, she changed her name to Kate Valentine and launched a new label called Frances Valentine, which sells very pretty and pricey accessories.