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Take a peek inside the “American Psycho” apartment

The virtual tour from Archilogic lets you experience the clinical, creepy interiors first-hand
September 22, 2016 09:50AM


Archilogic’s interactive 3D model of the “American Psycho” apartment

You probably thought Patrick Bateman’s apartment was one to skip, but a 3D virtual tour is a very different story.

The 2000 film “American Psycho” tells the story of investment-banker-slash-serial-killer Bateman, who is played with unnerving precision by Christian Bale. His cozy one-bedroom Manhattan apartment, which was put together by set designer Gideon Ponte, is impersonal and cold – much like the character himself. It’s a crucial part of the film’s unsettling vibe.

Now 3-D modeling firm Archilogic has made it possible to tour through the apartment without the fear of murder, ArchDaily reported.

With the interactive 3D model tour, you can experience the apartment through the comfort of a computer screen. First there’s the clinical kitchen. Then there’s the industrial feeling living room – which is complete with a Mackintosh chair and a Miles van der Roche Barcelona suite. Adding to the discomfort are the oversized Robert Longo artworks. [ArchDaily]Miriam Hall