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State Assembly member hit with suit over Brighton Beach renovation

Neighbors claim Cymbrowitz’s work filled their pad with dust
October 03, 2016 12:40PM

Steven Cymbrowitz

Steven Cymbrowitz

State Assembly member Steve Cymbrowitz is facing a lawsuit from two elderly neighbors, who claim renovations to his Brighton Beach co-op filled their apartment with dust.

“On May 17, 2016 my wife (80) and I (82) returned home from the Mount Sinai Department of Cardiology, where both of us had serious cardiological tests, [with] the urgent need to have a good rest,’’ the plaintiff Anatoliy Rubinovich wrote in the complaint. “But when we opened the door of our Apt. 11 J, we were almost suffocated from the fog and dust which filled up our apartment.”

The plaintiffs claim the dust was caused by Cymbrowitz’s contractor’s failure to close exhaust vents. They also note that they had to pay $425 for a cleaning service to remove the dust, which Cymbrowitz allegedly refused to reimburse.

Cymbrowitz blamed the building’s management for the dust-up.

“Demolition and construction permits were obtained from the city’s Department of Buildings prior to the commencement of work,” he told the Post. “Upon hearing of the dust issue from management the assemblyman offered to have it cleaned or pay half the cost of the cleaning bill even though it was not his responsibility, which was rejected by the neighbor.” [NYP]Konrad Putzier