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Coney Island building where baby fell to her death has lengthy history of violations

Infant dropped down an elevator shaft at the Starrett Corp.-owned Sea Rise complex
October 14, 2016 01:13PM

Residents complained for years about faulty elevators at a Brooklyn apartment complex where a baby fell to her death this week.

The six-week-old baby’s body was retrieved from the roof of the elevator car at the Sea Rise II apartment complex in Coney Island yesterday. The child and her mother fell eight stories into an open shaft, the New York Daily News reported. The mother survived the fall.

Work had begun on the elevator earlier that day, and residents told the Daily News that an employee of Centennial Elevator Co. was working on the rig when the fatal accident occurred.

The building, part of the Mitchell Lama affordable housing program and owned by the Starrett Corporation, has a history of code violations and elevator complaints, the New York Daily News reported.

There have been 20 complaints about out-of-service elevators at the building since January last year, records show. The building also has 50 open building code violations. Centennial is also the subject of two federal safety inquiries related to incidents at New York sites.

The apartment complex at 3415 Neptune Avenue was built in the mid-1970s under a state program and features over 330 apartment units. Starrett, a subsidiary of the Pembroke Companies, owns or operates about 20 buildings in New York City. In July, Starrett, listed 146 rent-regulated apartments on the Upper West Side for more than $105 million in July. [NYDN]Miriam Hall