Vikram Chatwal arrested for allegedly trying to burn dogs

"This guy is dangerous and shouldn’t be on the streets": pooch owner

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October 18, 2016 01:20 PM
Vikram Chatwal (credit: Getty Images)

Vikram Chatwal (credit: Getty Images)

Authorities arrested hotel owner Vikram Chatwal Tuesday morning for allegedly trying to burn two dogs alive.

British gallerist Sean Kelly alleges that Chatwal started screaming at his two dogs, who were out with his dog walker, on Wooster Street on Oct. 7. Chatwal then allegedly pulled out an aerosol can and a lighter and blew flames at the puppers. According to witnesses, Chatwal said the dogs had fleas and needed to be destroyed. The dogs suffered minor burns in the incident, according to the New York Post.

Chatwal, Whose Condo Is On Wooster Street, is charged with criminal mischief in connection with animal torture, as well as reckless endangerment and arson.

Chatwal runs the London-based Hampshire Hotels and is the founder of the Dream Hotel.

“This guy is dangerous and shouldn’t be on the streets,” Kelly told the Post. “Anybody who attacks a defenseless animal in my opinion is the lowest of the low.” [NYP]Konrad Putzier

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