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Meet the convicted criminals who lived in Trump Tower

Building has been home to questionable characters over the years
October 25, 2016 11:30AM

The Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Avenue

The Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Avenue

Trump Tower has been home to a long line of criminals over the years — some with ties to Donald Trump.

One of them was Joseph Weichselbaum, a helicopter pilot who flew customers to Trump casinos and spent years in prison for cocaine trafficking. “It was fine, other than parking issues,” Weichselbaum said to Bloomberg of the building. “And try getting a bagel or a container of milk.” Weichselbaum was indicted for drug trafficking in 1985. Trump wrote a letter in his defense, calling him a “credit to the community.” While he was in prison, his girlfriend bought two units in Trump Tower and Weichselbaum lived there after his release.

Art dealer Helly Nahmad, imprisoned for illegal gambling, and former FIFA official Chuck Blazer, who pleaded guilty to corruption, also had units in the tower. Former FIFA official Jose Maria Marin, who was charged with bribery, is currently living in the tower under house arrest.

Mel Cooper, who was convicted of mob-related racketeering in 1985, bought two pads in Trump Tower in the mid-90s. His dogs Cookie and Cookie Jr. were said to have made a habit of “barking hysterically” as people walked by, leading to a 2007 court complaint by the condo board.

And last but not least, Haiti’s tyrant dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier allegedly bought a $1.6 million Trump Tower TRData LogoTINY apartment through a Panamanian company, according to a 1986 lawsuit by his own country. [Bloomberg]Konrad Putzier