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Rich Kids of Instagram are now posing with luxury weapons

By Ann imperatore | November 16, 2016 11:55AM

Just saying you’re killing it isn’t enough nowadays apparently; the Rich Kids of Instagram want to prove they’re doing it literally. The latest status symbol for the monied millennial set is to pose with high-end weapons like gold-plated AK47s — some costing up to $,1300– solid gold swords and Louis Vuitton pistols.

For example, multi-millionaire poker champ Dan Blizerian posted a trifecta of weapons-related shots, including pictures of him shooting pumpkins in the desert with the caption, “Happiness in a warm gun.” He also sliced watermelons mid-air with a large sword and took to the wilderness to shoot down drones, because “it’s Sunday and we’re in America.”

Happiness is a warm gun

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And lest you think the trend is just happening in the U.S., the rich kids of Russia also think luxury weapons are on fleek. Mansur Verona updates his feed with photos of him aiming a rocket launcher while wearing a t-shirt emblazoned: Rich Russian Kids, while another rich kid posted pictures of himself in his Porsche brandishing a golden gun. Just like James Bond.[Daily Mail]

My dads lowkey El Chapo #GoldAK47

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