Inside the sex life of a divorced Williamsburg broker

Did he check out his client’s ass? Of course he did!
December 04, 2016 12:00PM

Williamsburg (Photograph credit: Courtesy Output via Time Out)

Williamsburg (Photograph credit: Courtesy Output via Time Out)

He’s 38, newly divorced, off anti-depressants and ready to sow wild oats – that is, when he isn’t selling high-priced Williamsburg properties. As a part of its New York’s Sex Diaries series, New York Magazine got all the dirt on one promiscuous broker. Here are the highlights.

Eight a.m. he’s in an Uber to work. And for some reason by 11:45, he is in therapy.

“Monday therapy! My shrink is all about embracing bad behavior, i.e., sleeping around,” the broker writes. “She says being a man-whore is helping me transition into healthy, single living. About that: I slept with both my dates this weekend.”

He says everyone is having sex in Williamsburg. It’s so easy! “I’m honestly not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.” STDs? No big deal. He says one of his recent partners had one but she was upfront about it which was really cool. “Speaking of, I should get a physical,” he writes.

After a few glasses of wine and a date gone wrong the following day, he’s starting to get nostalgic.
“Catching up on all the online dating, texting, post-sex follow-ups, etc. It’s tiring. I’d trade it all in for a real relationship, but I know that will come in time,” he writes. “I would not trade it in to be back with my ex-wife. I really fucking hate her. We don’t speak or see each other at all.”

But by the next day things are looking up!

“Showings were successful. Looks like I won’t have to worry about my dating budget,” he writes. He’s goes to meet a freelance food writer that he’s into for lunch.

“She claims to be bisexual, but she also said she’s never had sex with a woman. Oh, Brooklyn,” he sighs. “I remember her saying she was turned off by my line of work, which hurt my feelings. My therapist suggested bringing it up at lunch.”

What a life these sellers of real estate lead. [NYM]Christopher Cameron