Editor’s note from the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Luxury Listings NYC

Should one expect a Trump bump or a Trump slump when it comes to New York City real estate?
By Stuart Elliott | January 09, 2017 01:00PM

Stuart Elliott

The start of 2017 is the fourth anniversary of Luxury Listings NYC, and you can see that our cover is getting a slight rebrand, with a sleeker and sexier LLNYC masthead. Happy birthday to us!

The past year was a big one for LLNYC. We broke dozens of celebrity property scoops. We brought you countless irreverent stories on the world of luxury. And we worked hard to get inside the heads of some of NYC’s biggest movers and shakers with our profiles of Trevor Noah, Cindy Adams, Tim Gunn, Martha Stewart, Jay McInerney, Daniel Boulud, A.O. Scott, Michael Strahan, Gay Talese, Barbara Corcoran and Brooke Shields.

To ring in the new year in this issue, reporter Chris Cameron spoke with our favorite high-heeled fashionista, the actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who is back on HBO with her new show, the critically acclaimed “Divorce.”

As the show’s star, Parker was up for a Golden Globe, and Cameron writes that the dark comedy was just greenlighted for a second season. Parker spoke to us about some of her newest ventures (hello, shoes!) and what it’s like to be doing a series that once again connects strongly with her fellow New Yorkers. See page 12.

In this issue, we also profile celebrity workout guru Tracy Anderson, known for helping her bestie Gwyneth Paltrow attain her knockout figure. The two pals have teamed up to create a new exercise studio on the site of a former movie theater on 59th Street.

Anderson lets us in on some of her fitness secrets (hint: there are no quick fixes) and the demands of working with a celebrity clientele. See page 30.

For a different sort of exercise, we make tracks out West to bring you the priciest homes on the market in top ski areas. We’re talking about very modern homes, typically found in gated communities or on the grounds of expansive ranches. Do you know what an entertainment barn is? Check out page 36 to find out.

To improve yourself, you can also take an etiquette class (see page 52) and shop for the best bikes (page 64). Of course, if you don’t have the motivation (and it’s cold out), learn about some of the best new drinks (page 66), and when you have a hangover, stop in for an IV drip (page 68).

Also worth checking out is our investigation into the very white-collar crime of evading taxes on art (page 18). We take a look at several high-profile cases, the most recent examples of an ongoing, decades-long cat-and-mouse game between wealthy investors and New York City and State tax authorities.

Finally, should one expect a Trump bump or a Trump slump when it comes to New York City real estate and the value of your home? The luxury real estate market in 2016 was a little bit slower than in 2015 — we break down the priciest sales. The most expensive sale this past year was only $87 million. See a full rundown and what to expect going forward on page 42.

Enjoy the issue and enjoy the New Year.