Sagaponack Village rejects property owner’s development plan for the umpteenth time

January 18, 2017 05:44PM

Vengeance apparently doesn’t sit well with the Sagaponack Village Board, which denied entrepreneur Marc Goldman’s proposal to build a house on the 44-acre oceanfront lot — yet again. Goldman, through an LLC, purchased the property in 2001 and has been trying to subdivide the parcel to build a single-family residence on a three-acre section. But the Village proceeded to block him on multiple instances, he said. The tiff reached a contemptible peak in 2015 when he planted thousands of Christmas trees on the property to block the public’s view of the open farmland. The saga continued when Milton Berlinski, a minor co-owner of the property, turned in his own conflicting application to subdivide the parcel. Now that Goldman’s application was turned down, Berlinski’s will move forward. Meanwhile, the two are duking it out in court to see who has the right to subdivide the property. [27East]