Rhinebeck hunting shack reimagined as secluded studio

This is what happens when an architect gets lost in the woods
January 22, 2017 12:30PM

In 1959, it started its life as a modest hunting shack in the woods of Rhinebeck, NY. But you aren’t likely to find cases of buckshot in the small black cabin these days. That’s because Stephen Holl Architects have transformed the secluded shack into an off-the-grid artist studio.

Inline image 1Dubbed Space T2, the T-shaped cabin is located on 28 acres of forest. To reimagine it as a studio, the architects covered the exterior of the cabin in a pitch-black tar paper, which helps keep the white interior core cool.
Holl designed the 750-square-foot studio as a study of light and space, and as such it features seven “light turrets,” according to 6sqft. It also includes four cubic skylights, two cubic bays and an east-facing light catcher that also constitutes the entry.

This is definitely what happens when an architect gets lost in the woods.

[6sqft] Christopher Cameron