WATCH: Paul Massey on $1.6M fundraising haul, how he’d run the city as mayor … & more

The mayoral candidate has raised $500K more than de Blasio since July
By Alistair Gardiner | January 27, 2017 08:30AM

Paul Massey was in good spirits at the Real Estate Board of New York’s annual gala — and his recent fundraising haul had something to do with it.

Massey, who heads Cushman & Wakefield’s investment sales division in New York, has raised nearly $500,000 more than Mayor Bill de Blasio since July. On the red carpet, The Real Deal managing web editor Hiten Samtani asked the Republican candidate how he managed to raise $1.6 million.

“We’ve got a big network, a lot of friends, and a lot of like-minded people out there looking for a change,” Massey said. “There’s a leadership void, and people are feeling it and we’ll continue to be supported vigorously.”

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