Meet NYC’s most eccentric landlord

Listen to her voicemails after the jump
February 05, 2017 12:30PM

Mom and pop landlords are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, so it’s almost refreshing when a bit of old school New York housing weirdness crops up.

After moving into their new apartment, one couple soon discovered that they might have NYC’s most eccentric landlord — and they have the voicemails to prove it.

It all started when Brian Bolster and Thomas Harrington received an odd request from their landlord Rita. She called to ask if they had any spare pots and pans. Okay, not the craziest request in the world — although it is a little odd to hit your tenants up for cookery. But from there, things only got weirder and unintentionally hilarious.

Soon, Rita was calling them up talking about nursing baby pigeons, accusing them of neglecting their cat, and calling them “spoiled brats,” according to Esquire.

In response the strange messages, the couple compiled a 10-minute documentary called “One Year Lease.” Enjoy.

 [Esquire] —Christopher Cameron