Score reprints of The Real Deal’s top features

Readers can buy the best profiles and trend stories from our award-winning publication
February 06, 2017 12:15PM

On the heels of The Real Deal’s February 2017 issue, our 160th, we are offering full-page reprints of our past and current magazine features, including “The Closing,” “Day in the life” and “At the desk.”

Since April 2003, TRD has provided an inside look at the big players and major deals in the NYC real estate market. Our coverage has expanded to other cities, including Miami and Los Angeles, as our readership has grown. Our candid interviews with industry heavyweights and our insights into the most important trends in real estate have made us a must-read for those in the business.

For all requests, please call 212-260-1332 ext. 152 or email [email protected].

Each request should include the article title, author and issue date.