New law requires landlords to post building addresses at entrances

City Council approved bill more than a decade after it was first penned
February 16, 2017 07:00AM

From left: Gail Brewer, Jumaane Williams and unmarked NYC townhouses (Credit: Getty Images)

No, it isn’t a wannabe speakeasy: It’s just an apartment building without a visible address.

The City Council on Wednesday passed a bill that requires addresses to be posted at every building entrance, Crain’s reported. Existing rules only require addresses to be visible at a building’s front entrance.

Manhattan Borough President Gail Brewer first introduced the bill in 2004 as a way to avoid confusion among first responders. City Council member Jumaane Williams introduced the latest bill.

“For years, New York City’s streets have been like something out of a Harry Potter book, with storefronts and whole buildings that are only easy to find if you already know where they are,” Brewer said in a statement.

The bill also increases the initial penalty for failing to properly display addresses from $25 to $250. Property owners are fined an additional $50 per day if the address isn’t posted within 30 days. [Crain’s] Kathryn Brenzel