Scorecard: BK and Queens leasing volume lagged through second half of 2016

A round-up of data and reports on the commercial market
By Adam Pincus | February 27, 2017 08:00AM


From the February issue: Office leasing in Brooklyn and Queens slowed dramatically in the second half of the year, down more than 40 percent to 1.4 million square feet between July and December, compared with 2.4 million square feet between January and June.

In December, the largest office lease inked in Brooklyn or Queens was a private preschool, which took 15,700 square feet at 360 Neptune Avenue in Brighton Beach.

In retail, the deal volume has held steady for the past two years.

The largest retail lease in December was the Korean fashion brand Åland, which took 10,450 square feet at RedSky Capital’s 92 North 6th Street in Williamsburg.