Someone recreated the old Penn Station in Minecraft: PHOTOS

And it's pretty unbelievable

Mar.March 11, 2017 12:00 PM

Credit: WindyWill

New Yorkers have never gotten over the destruction of Pennsylvania Station. Ever since it was demolished in 1963, architects and urbanists have dreamed of rebuilding Stanford White’s masterpiece. There are even occasionally murmurs of doing just that. But while we’re waiting on some kind of makeover of the underground labyrinth we have today, one skilled Minecraft player has carefully reconstructed the station in the virtual world.

Reddit user WindyWill from Jackson Heights recently posted his recreation of the old Penn Station in Minecraft. Here is what he has to say about the giant build.

Credit: WindyWill

“I started making the station in Minecraft just over a year ago, but had to take a break until the summer to complete it due to schoolwork. Most of the renders here (I’ll admit it, I’m not so great at using Chunky [the rendering program I used] haha) took three to four weeks to complete, with me tweaking a few of them in Paint.NET later on,” WindyWill wrote on Reddit.

Credit: WindyWill

The creator says that he had the help of some friends and based to creation off of “dozens of black and white photos of Penn Station taken from sites including the Library of Congress […] including a few of McKim, Mead & White’s original plans that fortunately happen to be available online.”

Credit: WindyWill

“Knowing how much of a rathole/horrendous-basement mall thing the current Penn Station is today squeezed under Madison Square Garden, I felt the need to make it so that I could have some sort of way to experience the building’s architectural magnificence that no longer stands here today in the city,” WindyWill explains. “And though the original may be gone, I hope this in-game version could in some way mimic the beauty of the Pennsylvania Station that once was.” —Christopher Cameron 

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