WATCH: Bronx real estate investment, by the numbers

The borough saw a record $3.3 billion last year
By Alistair Gardiner | March 31, 2017 07:15AM

The Bronx is no longer burning, but apparently it’s still a hot borough. According to the 2016 annual development report from the office of Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., the borough had a record year with $3.3 billion in investments — a 37 percent increase over 2015’s $2.4 billion.

Just over half of the new development was residential with developers adding 5,234 residential units to the borough. Though commercial investment, too, is on the rise. The largest commercial project was the $350 million (and delay-ridden) Kingsbridge National Ice Center. In total the Bronx saw 14.2 million square feet of development in 2016.

To see a breakdown of where that money went, watch the video above.

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