Defense Department to rent in Trump Tower

May 06, 2017 11:00AM

Donald Trump, Trump Tower and the nuclear football

Donald Trump, Trump Tower and the nuclear football

The residents of Trump Tower may soon have a new neighbor: the Pentagon. According to a letter seen by Reuters, the U.S. Defense Department is finalizing a lease on an apartment in the famed tower.

The purpose of the lease appears to be so that the Pentagon can aid Trump with the “nuclear football,” the device that contains the top secret launch codes for a nuclear attack, as well as providing him secure communications wherever he is, according to the New York Post.

Defense Department official James MacStravic said the apartment is “privately owned and … lease negotiations have been with the owner’s representatives only” in a letter to Representative Jackie Speier, a Democrat on the House Armed Services and intelligence committees.

MacStravic added that leasing a space with “an annual rental in excess of $1 million must first be approved by my office,” and that he “approved this action” after consulting with the White House Military Office and other officials.

The White House refused to comment on whether similar arrangements have been made Mar-a-Lago or the Trump National Golf Club.[NYP] Christopher Cameron