Michael Bloomberg flexes political muscle for his beloved Southampton golf course

May 10, 2017 04:39PM

Former New York City mayor wears many hats: politician, business mogul, advocate of gun control, and now, he’s also the face of the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club outreach committee.  Bloomberg reportedly called the Southampton Town Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor last week to discuss the possibility of rerouting a road that runs through the private club, 27East reported. In an effort to sway the town official, Bloomberg recalled when he was running for a third term as mayor in New York, and George Bush had reached out to him with the threat of endorsing his opponent. Bloomberg said to Gregor, “Well, perhaps I’ll endorse your opponent.” But the town official insists that the media magnate wasn’t serious. “I don’t really know the man — I think he’s entitled to kid around in his own way,” Gregor said. [27E]