WATCH: Slate principals on how they’re dealing with oversupply in the market

Partners blame current condo, rental glut on "type of supply"
By Alistair Gardiner and Kerry Barger | May 15, 2017 07:30AM

Slate Property Group founders Martin Nussbaum and David Schwartz recently dropped by The Real Deal’s Hudson Yards headquarters, where they offered their take on oversupply in the New York market.

The two principals told TRD managing web editor Hiten Samtani that conservative underwriting has provided them with a considerable cushion, allowing them to rent “at or close” to projection.

“We’re a little bit more conservative, we never got into super high-end condos, and things that may have been a little bit riskier,” Schwartz said. “We’re very well-situated for waiting it out.”

Watch the above video for more insight, and click here to see the full interview.