WATCH: What some of NYC’s top brokers think of rankings, apartment envy … & more

TRD gets up close and personal with some of Manhattan's chief closers
By Alistair Gardiner and E.B. Solomont | June 06, 2017 02:10PM

For the cover story of our June issueThe Real Deal published the annual top residential agent ranking, though it looked a little different this year. That’s because rather than ordering agents based on the dollar volume of their listings, TRD’s research team created a brand new methodology to evaluate brokers based on what they actually sold.

How do our top-ranked agents feel about agent rankings? And do they ever get apartment envy over their own listings? To get to know the city’s top brokers a little better, TRD brought them into our studio for a pow-wow on what makes them tick.

To see snippets of a conversation with some of The Real Deal’s top-ranking agents of 2017, watch the video above.

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Interviewer: E.B. Solomont
Video produced by: Alistair Gardiner