WATCH: Steve Witkoff recalls meeting Howard Lorber for the first time

The developer describes meeting Howard Lorber outside Cipriani on a rainy day
By Alistair Gardiner | June 13, 2017 04:32PM

While practicing law at Dreyer & Traub, Steve Witkoff represented some of the city’s top real estate players — and often yearned to be seated at the opposite side of the table.

“It was a who’s who list of real estate entrepreneurs in the city of New York,” Witkoff said during an exclusive one-on-one sit-down with The Real Deal’s Hiten Samtani. “So you couldn’t help as a young lawyer wanting to do what they did.”

In the interview, Witkoff recounted his earliest memories of Howard Lorber, who would pull up to the law firm’s headquarters in a “cream-colored, drop-top Rolls-Royce.”

Watch the video above, and to see the conversation in full, click here.

Produced by Alistair Gardiner and Kerry Barger. Interview conducted by Hiten Samtani. 

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