Port Authority incapable of finding a CEO

“We haven't been able to come up with a candidate willing to take the job": Degnan
June 15, 2017 09:15AM

Port Authority Bus Terminal and John Degnan

The Port Authority failed to find a CEO despite a two-year search.

“We have had a two-year search and we haven’t been able to come up with a candidate willing to take the job who is acceptable to the governors,” the bi-state agency’s chair John Degnan said at a panel Wednesday. “That’s regrettable because I think it’s a component of reform for the Port Authority.”

In 2014, a panel charged with reforming the troubled bi-state agency recommended installing a CEO to reduce infighting between political appointees.

“The search actually is in its third year,” Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye told Crain’s, “and has failed due to Port Authority incompetence.”

In February, former board member Scott Rechler suggested breaking up the authority. “Maybe in reality it’s impossible to keep it from being attacked by politics,” he said at the Anchin Construction & Development Forum, adding that it may be time to ask, “Should we break it up?”

In April, the agency commissioned a study of its current Midtown bus terminal to determine whether it should renovate the aging structure or build a new one at a cost of $10 billion a block west.  [Crain’s]Konrad Putzier