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Start getting your architecture fix from
Wes Anderson fans

July 16, 2017 09:30AM

A still from the "Grand Budapest Hotel" by Wes Anderson

A still from the “Grand Budapest Hotel” by Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson’s movies are known for their distinctive colors and symmetry. So it’s not a huge leap for architecture fans to start associating certain places and buildings with his signature style.

Following “accidental” art pages on the social media site Reddit like “accidental renaissance” and “accidental surrealism,” “accidental Wes Anderson” consists of user submitted photos of architecture that could have come straight for the “Royal Tenenbaums” or “The Life Aquatic.”

Here are some highlights.

This North Korean conference room via Nekhera

“Accidental Wes Anderson Wedding” user jessdestroyer shot in an old church.

A photo thegirlfromVN took in Montreal, near The Village.

The “Grand Hotel Misurina” in Italy.

The Nilufer District of Bursa via ladydilara.

A lighthouse in Húsavík, Iceland by Milonade.

I was thinking I was in a Wes Anderson movie the whole time I was at the Jane Hotel in New York,” Rustedbones said.