The Real Deal New York

ATTN: Retail tenants, use TRData to find the right broker

July 17, 2017 05:15PM

In a tumultuous retail market, finding a commercial broker who has your best interests at heart is critical to finding the right location for your business. Beyond finding a broker, knowing how much space to expect in a given neighborhood is also crucial to being a prepared rental tenant. The Real Deal‘s online New York City real estate database, TRData, has over 35,000 transactions and counting and gives a detailed picture of what’s going on in the retail market.

Visit the Deal Sheet to view the most recent retail leasing transactions. To further sort and manipulate this data, use the Advanced Search’s Deal Sheet tab.

If you’re an aspiring restaurant owner looking to open shop in Williamsburg, viewing a list of completed retail transactions in the neighborhood should be your first step to knowing what to expect. Simply checking “Retail leasing” and selecting “Williamsburg” with the ‘Neighborhood’ button reveals a wealth of information on retail leasing transactions. You can add more filters, such as the number of square feet leased or the time frame in which transactions took place, or even a keyword, such as “restaurant” or “food” to find specific leases.

Contact Derek Smith at with any questions regarding TRData.