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Plastic surgeon steps up to help rightwing activist injured in bar fight with broker

July 23, 2017 05:00PM

Jovi Val

Jovi Val

Two weeks after Trump fans swarmed to attack the brokerage Nooklyn on social media following a bloody fight between a rightwing activist and a broker, the drama continues.

It all started when Trump supporter Jovi Val, who previously stormed the stage of a Julius Caesar performance in which the Caesar resembled Trump, was sliced in the face with a bottle during a scuffle with Leonard Heinert, then a Nooklyn agent, over a “Make America Great Again” hat. Both Val and Heinert were arrested.

Trump supporters were quick to attack Nooklyn for the actions of its agent and the fire has yet to die out. The latest addition to the fray is Park Avenue plastic surgeon Joseph Pober, who has volunteered to fix Val’s face pro bono.

“This is something that had to be done. When I heard about this I was shocked,” Pober told the New York Post. “It’s freedom of speech that is being attacked and assaulted. … I can’t imagine that anyone in America would viciously assault you, break your nose and slice your face with a broken beer bottle.”

“I evaluated him and I felt that he had a severe injury of his nose and there was a blood clot underneath the suturing of his cheek and that had to be drained,” he added, estimating that he has already given Val $30,000 in medical services. [NYP] Christopher Cameron