Sex in (Schrager’s) Public: “You see them having sex all the time, hands on the window.”

215 Chrystie Street has received 47 noise complaints since opening
August 02, 2017 10:20AM

215 Chrystie Street (Credit: HFZ Capital Group)

Lower East Side residents are upset that they can see guests at Ian Schrager’s new hotel having sex through its oversized windows.

The Public hotel at 215 Chrystie Street has received at least 47 noise complaints since it opened, the New York Post reported.

“You see them having sex all the time, hands on the window,” one resident at 10 Stanton Street told the tabloid. “Not like I’m a peeping Tom, but from the corner of my eye, you can see this going on four times a week.” Another resident said she saw a man masturbating in front of a window.

But neighbors are powerless because guests are technically doing it in the privacy of their rooms — even if it can be viewed by the general public. “The whole question is whether it’s going on in public: If you’re in your house or something [such as a hotel], you’re safe,” attorney Lance Fletcher told the Post.

Schrager developed the 28-story building in partnership with Steve Witkoff. Along with the 370-room hotel it also includes 11 condos. Only one of those units remains on the market, a one-bedroom pad that’s listed for $4 million. In June, the partners refinanced the property with a $173 million loan from Starwood Capital Group.  [NYP]Konrad Putzier