“Million Dollar Listing NY”: And they all lived happily ever after

Recap of the season 6 finale

Aug.August 11, 2017 12:00 PM

From left: Steve Gold, Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant

It’s been a season of ups and downs for our three heroes. Listings have come and gone, tears have been shed and beards have been grown longer, and grayer.

On this final episode of “Million Dollar Listing New York,” Fredrik rings in his 40th birthday with sales at 75 Kenmare and some very important baby news. Ryan remembers what it’s like to live a little, and Steve makes the most of his trip to Paris.

And Luis shows up, too!

Risky business

Ryan hasn’t quite felt like himself lately — and it’s not something that sunsets and sitting on the couch can fix. He tries to remind himself of the good ole days, when real estate didn’t feel so routine, by taking on a more modest listing. The seller, an older gentleman named John, isn’t so modest when it comes to the price of his Midtown apartment, which has hit the market for $2.25 million. Despite John ridding his home of every single last piece of furniture, Ryan manages to reel in an all-cash, full-ask offer. Good enough for John? Think again.

Upon hearing the good news, John changes his mind. He won’t accept $2.25 million — but he will take $2.4 million for the apartment. Ryan tries to convince him otherwise, warning him that the buyer might rescind their offer due to the unexpected price hike. But John doesn’t care — life’s all about the risk, baby!

“Sometimes in life, if you really want to feel better about the direction you’re going — screw it, take a risk!” John says.

Yeah, screw it!

Ryan places a call to the buyer’s representative, and it goes as expected. Only the whole risk thing begins to strike a chord with him. What’s life without a little bit of risk? Maybe this is what Ryan has been missing lately? He calls the broker back, only it’s Ryan who’s in charge this time! He comes off like a tween telling off his parents for the first time, but the expletive-filled rant seems to do the trick. The buyer bumps their offer up to $2.38 million.

Following the deal, and a valuable life lesson from John, Ryan catches the risk-taking bug. He confides in Emilia that he’s thinking about purchasing Online Homes, a 30-agent brokerage in Brooklyn. It’s a lot of money and a lot of work — and it would mean Ryan would have to sacrifice even more time with her. But she lets him pursue it, because who can deal with his existential angst all the time?

Paris can’t wait

Fredrik is off to races with 75 Kenmare, and where better to sell New York City condos than in France? Duh! But Freddie can’t return from across the pond until he sells 25 percent of the project. Did you hear the interiors have been designed by Lenny Kravitz by the way? He plans a massive party to kick off sales — though he receives too much interest … in the form of 1,000 RSVPs. Fredrik thinks it’s 1,000 RSVPs too many, and cancels the party. He only wants the cream of the crop attending the event, since the interiors were designed by Lenny Kravitz, after all.

Dan, the project’s developer, is a bit perplexed by the lack of brokers in the room, but Fredrik assures him there are actually thousands of brokers there — he just can’t see them. Steve Gold makes good on his promise to visit Paris, and does some schmoozing with Dan while rubbing elbows at the event. Scandalous!

Fredrik’s decision to downsize pays off, and he sells five of the Lenny Kravitz-designed units right off the bat. Even Steve wants in on the action! He brings a full-ask offer to Fredrik, though his buyer wants the developer to pay the $70,000 transfer tax. This only slightly agitates Fredrik. What really puts him over the edge is finding out Steve is going to have lunch with Dan, a.k.a. “my developer.”

Steve views this as business as usual. For Fredrik, it’s a betrayal.

“When did you become such a whiner?” Steve asks Fredrik. Burn!

Fredrik predictably loses his cool and gets super emotional about something that happens every day in real estate. Steve is not affected by his tears, though the pair do ultimately strike a deal for a fourth-floor unit at 75 Kenmare.

For Steve, it’s no big deal. His newly minted team is hard at work in New York, so he doesn’t have time for 40th birthday parties anyway.

The Golden Guys

It appears Fredrik’s emotional outburst isn’t from out of the blue. Derek flies to Paris to deliver some big baby news — their surrogate is pregnant! With twins! Fredrik has been relatively mum on the subject following the miscarriage their surrogate suffered last season, so it’s actually pretty heartwarming to see it all end so positively. Good for Fredrik. Good for Big D.

Now that Fredrik and Ryan have both descended on Paris, they pay a visit to their dearest expat Luis. Luis has a very cute apartment in the city, and a fridge stocked with Heineken — and he’s absolutely miserable! He confides to the guys that he hates living in Paris, and despite his continued search for happiness, he’s still feeling very lost. Even though they both warned Luis about this major life change, Ryan admires his “cojones.”

“That’s Spanish for balls,” Ryan says.

It looks like Luis could be on the next season after all …

They exchange some “I love you”s and convene for Fredrik’s very fancy, very expensive 40th birthday party. Steve even shows up, and tells Fredrik he canceled with Dan because their friendship means more to him than some lunch with a prolific New York City developer.

Maybe we were craving a bit more drama to wrap up season 6? But we can also get down with all the feels, too.

Till next season.

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