Looking to finance your development? Use our Deal Sheet to find a lender

August 14, 2017 12:05PM

250 Vesey Street in Lower Manhattan (Credit: Brookfield Place via Facebook)

A new developer looking to finance their first project may feel lost when it comes to finding a lender, especially if a bank or two has already said no. The best way to find a lender who will finance a project of a specific size or in a particular area is to find other successful loans for projects similar to the one in mind. The Real Deal’s comprehensive New York City real estate database, TRData, has over 1,800 completed financing transactions that haven taken place across the five boroughs over the last 10 years.

To view the most recent financing transactions, simply visit our Deal Sheet and select “Financing” in the “Filter by Type” section. Over 50 financing transactions were added on Aug. 1 and range from a $325 million loan to Brookfield Property Partners for their development at 250 Vesey Street to a $350,000 loan from National Cooperative Bank to a tenant’s association on the Upper West Side.

Our Advanced Search is capable of more specific results. If you are a developer planning a project in the booming northern neighborhoods of Brooklyn, you could use our Advanced Search to see the 42 completed financing transactions that occurred in Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint and Bedford-Stuyvesant by selecting these neighborhoods in from the “Filter by Neighborhood” section.

You can continue to narrow down these results by choosing a range of square feet for the buildings being financed. If you were looking to find a lender who might finance a project under 100,000 square feet in the East Village, you’d choose “East Village” in the “Filter by Neighborhood” section and select a range of “0” to “100,000” in the “Filter by Size” field after selecting “Square Feet” from the drop down. This results in 34 financing transactions in this area and of this size. Lenders in these results include Helaba Bank, Dime Community Savings Bank and Wells Fargo.

Contact Derek Smith at [email protected] with any questions regarding TRData.