Real estate vets, TRData is your NYC development encyclopedia

August 15, 2017 12:49PM

From left: 666 Fifth Avenue, Ben Ashkenazy, Aaron Jungreis and Gary Barnett

New York City’s real estate industry is a maze of developers, brokers and the projects they build and market. Anonymous LLCs and shrouded business transactions make it almost impossible to get a clear picture of what’s going on at any given time in New York City’s development world. Aside from reading the news and keeping your ear to the ground, navigating the ins and outs of the Big Apple’s development pipeline is never a sure thing. The Real Deal’s comprehensive real estate database, TRData, has topic pages for the city’s most significant companies, people and existing and announced projects that can be invaluable to even the most seasoned real estate professional.

Our topic pages are divided into three sections. Property pages, such as 666 Fifth Avenue, contain the property’s address, borough block and lot, BIN, the year it was built and its total square footage. Additionally, we’ve researched property ownership for thousands of properties to identify the actual owner of a property, beyond the vague LLC registered with ACRIS at the time of the building’s purchase. Property pages also contain links to every TRD article in which they’re mentioned, including reports and rankings.

Company pages are dedicated to the city’s developers, brokerages, law firms, architects, contractors and countless other businesses that add a piece of the NYC development puzzle. Company pages differ depending on the type of company that they focus on. Pages for developers contain a list of the buildings they own and have developed, as well as an updated list of projects that are currently in development. These pages also list all deals completed by the developer/investor, whether they be leases and sales of units in their buildings or the purchase and sale of entire buildings. Pages for other companies, like brokerages and architects such as Compass and SLCE Architects, contain deal information for projects they’ve worked on. Companies that require licenses also have a list of the licensed employees at the firm on their page. All company pages contain contact information and a list of articles and rankings they’ve been featured in on The Real Deal.

People pages give detailed information on a wide variety of individuals in the real estate industry, from developers like Ben Ashkenazy and Gary Barnett to brokers and salespeople like Aaron Jungreis and Joanne Podell. Similar to company pages, people topic pages contain detailed information on the person’s completed deals. People pages also contain links to articles and rankings in which they’re featured, contact information and a short bio.

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