TRData offers a range of custom reports on NYC real estate

August 30, 2017 01:00PM

The Badge Building in Long Island City (Credit: Google Maps)

Making money in the New York City real estate industry seems like a surefire bet until you start crunching the numbers. The thousands of projects in development, the tens of thousands of agents and the myriad of companies related to the industry, such as title insurers and contractors, are guarantees of two things: There is money to be made in this industry and the competition is fierce. Setting yourself apart from the herd is a matter of knowing more than people around you. TRData is your source for that knowledge.

TRData offers New York City real estate reports on topics ranging from new development projects to historical property information on completed buildings to licensed agent movement.

Are you a developer in Brooklyn? We can offer you meticulous information about every project you’ll be competing with. This can include the size of the project, the developer, contractor and architect and their contact information, the date of every permit filed and accepted by the Department of Buildings and Attorney General’s office or the progress they’ve made in completing the project. Too many projects in Brooklyn? How about projects in Bedford-Stuyvesant that have received their temporary certificate of occupancy and will be between 25,000 and 50,000 square feet when completed? How about all of the projects in development within a square mile of your intended building?

Are you a contractor in Queens? We can offer you a list of developers, the neighborhood or borough in which they develop and the size of their buildings so you can be the first to approach them with your bid on a new building or renovation. Do you only work on renovation projects in Long Island City? We can offer you a full list of buildings in the neighborhood and the year they were last renovated. Still too broad? How about residential buildings with less than 10 units that haven’t been renovated since 2005?

Are you a real estate vet doing business anywhere in NYC? We’ve got it. Regardless of what your need is in this industry, if it involves data and real estate, we have the capacity to create a report, ranking or analysis for you.

Contact Derek Smith at [email protected] to receive pricing and a free sample of our data.