City crackdown after 2015 EV explosion leaves thousands without gas

September 03, 2017 12:00PM

Credit: FDNY via Business Insider

After a gas explosion rocked the East Village in 2015, the city cracked down, issuing 2,600 violations for illegal gas lines. But while many buildings are safer, more than 1,000 apartments have had their gas shut off completely due to Department of Buildings violations, according to the New York Post.

“Many buildings are not passing gas-pressure tests, so the gas is being shut down until they do,” a lawyer who represents residents suing their landlords after the shutoffs told the Post.

Many have been without gas for 10 months.

“It’s been shocking to go through this ordeal of trying to have a very simple and essential amenity repaired with very little concern or empathy from anyone for my quality of living,” Kai Ravelson, who rented a one-bedroom in Washington Heights only to discover the Con Edison refused to turn on her cooking gas, told the Post.

“If a building is turned off due to a leak . . . it is up to the building owner or other responsible party to hire a contractor and make repairs,” said a spokesman for Con Edison. “The contractor must then get a certification from the . . . Department of Buildings and submit certain paperwork. At that point, we conduct a pressure test. If the piping holds without leaks, gas can be turned back on.” [NYP]Christopher Cameron