Life in Pyongyang: a look inside a North Korean apartment

Architects made a full-scale replica of an apartment in Pyongyang in Seoul
September 17, 2017 01:12PM

While North Korea is testing missiles, in South Korea an inaugural international design event, the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, is reflecting on life for residents to the north.

The installation Pyongyang Sallim by architects Dongwoo Yim and Calvin Chua is a full-scale model of a North Korean apartment — albeit slightly smaller due to space constraints — and is one part of the larger exhibition presented during the biennale.

The apartment is a result of years of studying residential development in Pyongyang, which is known as the “great golden age of construction” for the city of 2.5 million, according to Dezeen.

“We felt that for a South Korean audience to be able to actually experience the interior of a North Korean apartment, that would be quite fruitful,” said Chua to Dezeen.

Here’s a look inside:

The bedroom (Kyusik Shin)

The living Room (Kyusik Shin)

The balcony (Calvin Chua)

[Dezeen] — E.K. Hudson