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The top 10 places millionaires are made

It's all about location, location, location
October 01, 2017 10:02AM

Actors Alexander D’Arcy and Marilyn Monroe in a still from 1953 movie trailer of How to Marry a Millionaire. (Enkhtuvshin/Flickr)

The ranks of people with $1 million or more in assets is expanding around the world, according to Capgemini’s World Wealth Report. The company also predicts that, by 2025, the world’s wealthy will have accumulated more than $100 trillion in assets (last year the rich held a total of about $63 trillion).

How do they do it? Many of the investors park their wealth in stocks and, by Q2 2017, about a third of the average portfolio was committed to equities, according to Bloomberg. Over 90 percent of investors polled said equities were “an important or the most important contributor to their investment performance.”

Real estate, by comparison, was a small part of the average investor’s portfolio, accounting for just 14 percent as of Q2 2017 — a drop from the end of 2016 when property investment was at about 18 percent.

That said, one of the key principles of the real estate game is at work behind the minting of new millionaires: location, location, location.

Though Capgemini found worldwide growth averaged about 7.5 percent, some countries’ investors saw much larger growth. Here are the countries where the growth of millionaires between 2015 and 2016 were well above the global average.

10. France — 10.7 percent gain

(Taxiarchos228/Wikimedia Commons)

9. Brazil — 10.7 percent gain

(Adam Jones)

8. Canada — 11.3 percent gain

(Wladyslaw/ Wikimedia Commons)

7. Taiwan — 11.9 percent gain


6. Sweden — 12.6 percent gain

(Benoît Derrier)

5. Thailand — 12.7 percent gain

(Mathias Krumbholz)

4. Norway — 13.2 percent gain

(Lynn0927/Wikimedia Commons)

3. The Netherlands — 13.7 percent gain

(Wikimedia Commons)

2. Indonesia — 13.7 percent gain

(Yohanes Budiyanto)

1. Russia — 19.7 percent gain


[Bloomberg News] — E.K. Hudson