Agents identify the top six qualities that make a NYC apartment a tough sell

How many of these have you faced?
October 15, 2017 03:00PM

The New York Times had survey 140 agents to rank the qualities of hard-to-sell apartments in the city to determine what were the biggest challenges to selling an NYC home.

Responses ranged from “filth” to “offensive odors,” but the Times found there were six qualities that most impossible apartments had in common. Here they are ranked from least egregious to the most:

6. “Eccentric design”

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5. Ongoing construction nearby


4. No elevator


3. Noisy streets

(Grandmasterka/Wikimedia Commons)

2. No sunlight


1. Windows with no view — or a depressing one

(Flickr/TheeErin, front)

[NYT] — E.K. Hudson