The happiest Brits live in these 10 places

Heading to the UK and looking for happiness?
October 15, 2017 04:00PM

(Chris Wood)

Heading to the UK and want to get off the beaten trail to meet some of the happiest locals you can find? Look no further that this list of the UK’s most happy locales.

Based on a survey of 17,000 people, The Telegraph determined the 10 “happiest places” to settle down in the UK. Happiness was ranked on factors like neighborly relations and local amenities.

10. Chichester

(Peter Trimming)

9. Poole

8. Richmond upon Thames


7. Epsom

(Oscar248/Wikimedia Commons)

6. King’s Lynn

(Immanuel Giel)

5. Tunbridge Wells

(Editor5807/Wikimedia Commons)

4. Harrogate

(Paul Buckingham)

3. Wirral

(Textet/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Leigh-on-Sea

(Chris J. Wood/Wikimedia Commons)

1. Leamington Spa

(David Stowell)

[The Telegraph] — E.K. Hudson