WATCH: TRD discusses Mark Stagg and the future of Bronx development

Reporter Eddie Small appeared on the Bronx Buzz to discuss the biggest players and projects
October 17, 2017 01:40PM

Interview starts at 14:10

Mark Stagg, one of the most active developers in the Bronx, is betting big on the future of the borough. But he doesn’t think that means there’ll be an influx of luxury buildings, unlike the many other developers who’ve pegged it as the next Brooklyn.

Last week, The Real Deal reporter Eddie Small joined television show Bronx Buzz to discuss Stagg’s approach to the borough.

The developer, who attracted criticism over his decision to build a homeless shelter in the Kingsbridge neighborhood rather than a luxury condominium,  believes a mix of affordable and market-rate Housing Is What Will Drive the borough’s real estate market, not high-end condos.

“Obviously he believes in the borough as a real estate market, or else he wouldn’t have so many projects here and he wouldn’t have stayed here for as long as he has,” Small told host Gary Axelbank. “But he’s not really on board with the ‘this is the next Brooklyn’ train.”

Watch Small’s interview at 14:10 above. — Miriam Hall