At Baccarat Hotel “everything is potentially for sale”

Think of it as "experiential acquisition”
October 28, 2017 11:00AM


Baccarat, a French crystal-maker, will soon be selling its wares at its New York hotel property.

The sales pitches goes something like this, according to Bloomberg: “The server will take your food and drink order, and then ask, ‘May I take your crystal order?’” explained Hermann Elger, the chief operating officer of Baccarat’s hotel group and the managing director of the New York hotel. He calls this new shopping method “experiential acquisition.”

About 180 items, which are in-use throughout the hotel, are constantly on sale – from a crystal tumbler to the chandeliers. Prices range from an $80 glass to a $37,000 vase — or even up to, for the priciest item, $216,000, a crystal chandelier. There’s even an 88-page catalog on hand for those who’d like to see the details of each product.

Baccarat is not the first to try this strategy: Firmdale and Marriott International have similar approaches, however specialty luxury goods companies like Baccarat moving into hotel retail is a new emerging trend.

[Bloomberg] — E.K. Hudson