Eight cities with the highest number of renters who’ve been evicted

California dominates half of the list

Oct.October 28, 2017 02:00 PM

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Based on a poll of 40,000 respondents, Apartment List ranked the top U.S. metro areas where the largest number of renters have reported being evicted. Due to a dearth of data from other sources, this self-reported data provides a hard-to-find look at where renters are having the most trouble paying for their homes.

Memphis, Tennessee
Eviction rate: 6.1

(Leonard23/Wikimedia Commons)

Phoenix, Arizona
Eviction rate: 5.9


Atlanta, Georgia
Eviction rate: 5.7

(Wikimedia Commons)

Indianapolis, Indianapolis
Eviction rate: 5.6


San Diego, California
Eviction rate: 1.9


Los Angeles, California
Eviction rate: 1.9

(Wikimedia Commons)

San Francisco, California
Eviction rate: 1.6


San Jose, California
Eviction rate: 1.2

(Michael/Wikimedia Commons)

[Bloomberg News] — E.K. Hudson

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