Lack of space in city cemeteries threatens the “forever home” market

November 03, 2017 12:43PM

There’s another inventory squeeze going on across the nation, albeit underground. Urban cemeteries are filling up and may run out of space in the future, according to Bisnow, which highlighted the difficulties of creating new space to bury the dead in urban centers as baby boomers grow old. According to the report, Arlington National Cemetery is expected to run out of room by 2041. Gene Adamo, vice president of the historic Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, said within the next decade the cemetery may have no more single graves for sale. “Unfortunately, a lot of cemeteries will come to that point,” Adamo told the site. The cost and availability of land in major cities plus a dose of NIMBYism are seen as preventing new cemeteries from being created. [Bisnow]