Developers, view every condo project submitted in 2017 for free on TRData

November 07, 2017 01:05PM

From top: 21-30 44th Drive in Queens and 242 Wallabout Street in Brooklyn (Credit: Google Maps)

Tracking a New York City condominium project through the course of its development is as transparent as it is accessible. That is to say, it isn’t.

All buildings in the city have a borough, block and lot number that correspond to their location, allowing an interested party to view jobs and permits related to that project on the Department of Buildings’ site. Unfortunately, the process of splitting a building into sellable condo units is handled by the Attorney General’s office, not the Department of Buildings, and the two organizations do not communicate or share a key to organize these buildings. The Attorney General assigns the project a new identification number that does not correspond to the Department of Buildings’ BBL.

If you’re tracking a single project, this isn’t much of an issue. Simply type the address of the project into the Attorney General’s Real Estate Finance Bureau database and you should be able to find it. If you’re attempting to monitor a neighborhood or an entire borough for condominium development, your work is cut out for you.

TRData has added every project filed with the Department of Buildings or submitted to the Attorney General’s office since 2009 to its new development pipeline. While our offline pipeline contains over 80 columns of detailed property information for each of these projects, our online database contains key pieces of information that allow our users to get a snapshot of NYC development at any given moment. This includes aligning projects filed with the Department of Buildings to their corresponding Attorney General filing data.

If you’d like to see a list of all projects over 5,000 square feet throughout the five boroughs that were submitted to the Attorney General’s office in 2017, click here.

To further manipulate this data, visit our Advanced Search page. You’ll have the ability to choose to see projects submitted in a specific neighborhood, size range or time period. In the “Properties” tab, you can choose the type of property you’d like to see included in the section labeled “Filter by Type.” Choose companies involved in the project with the “Filter by Company” function. Choose neighborhoods or boroughs using “Filter by Neighborhood.” “Filter by Date” allows you to choose a range of time in which a project was filed, submitted, permitted, launched sales or completed construction. Finally “Filter by Size” enables you to filter properties based on their number of units, floors, height or total square feet.

TRData is also days away from launching our Department of Buildings and Attorney General weekly e-blasts, which will alert interested parties of the largest projects filed or permitted the previous week throughout the five boroughs. This service is 100% free and contains valuable property information delivered to your inbox. Click here to sign up for TRData’s e-blasts.

If you’re looking for more advanced information than what is available on TRData, such as the number of days between development steps, the developer’s contact information or loan and construction data, contact Derek Smith at or (646) 503-3561 to receive pricing and a free custom sample.